match with the my melody beaded phone strap is more cute and chic
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Summer Sweetheart My Melody Flip Phone Fan

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Take a trip back to the Y2K era with the My Melody Flip Phone Fan! This 2024 Sanrio-licensed design is the perfect mix of nostalgia and fun, featuring a cute My Melody illustration print strap, PVC button patch, and decorative stickers for a personalized touch to your Y2K-inspired flip phone. And with three-speed wind and Type-C USB cable charging, you'll be feeling like you're back in the past in no time!

Product Specification:

Phone screen: a mirror design.

Material: ABS, acrylic, PC.

Fan Size: 60*42*128mm.

Gift box size: 94*61*129mm.

Charging interface: TYPE-C.

Battery capacity: 900mAh.

Use time: 1st gear about 5.5h; 2nd gear about 2.5h; 3rd gear about 1.5h.

Control method: touch button.

Charging Instructions:

  1. In charging status, the indicator light is always red;
  2. When fully charged, the red light of the indicator light goes out and the white light stays on. (Note: The Type-c charging port is located at the bottom of the mobile phone fan)

My Melody Notes:

  1. When it is turned on, you can still close the flip phone and use it with a strap or a halter neck!
  2. When using the hanging neck, be careful not to allow hair or any objects to enter the fan, otherwise it may cause injury to people or the machine.
  3. If the air inlet and outlet are blocked, you will lose the whirring function of My Melody. 
  4. Please do not use this product in humid environments such as bathrooms. My Melody do not need bathing!
  5. Please place the product out of reach of infants and young kids.

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