Pink Shaker Gun Keychain

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Biubiu~~ Made to Order handmade epoxy resin Pink Shaker Gun Keychain, decorated with bow and lace, not fierce but cute, fun to hang it on your phone, album, key, bag, purse etc.

~ Processing time: made to order, 5-7 working days preparing.

~ Size: about 2.6 in by 1.65 in.

~ Color: pink.

~ Material: epoxy resin, lace, quicksand oil, beads, metal buckle.

~ Filling: clay hearts, paillette, clear bubble beads

* Note: as this item is handmade, it isn't "perfect", and resin is hard to make absolutely flawless. There may exist some air bubbles or other little flaws.

Please handle it with care. Keep it away from high temperature fire source, be careful to scratch with sharp objects, do not immerse it into water. Any resin product would gradually turn yellow after a long time of exposure to UV light. It's better to store them in shades.

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