Detachable Skull Claw Heart Shaped Bag
Detachable Skull Claw Heart Shaped Bag
Detachable Skull Claw Heart Shaped Bag
Detachable Skull Claw Heart Shaped Bag

Detachable Skull Claw Heart Shaped Bag

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This punk lolita handbag is inspired by "Twilight Invitation", a bag born for halloween. It features cute black heart shaped design, attach a skull claw at the front side, the skull claw has 5 colors to choose from, which is detachable. You could order another color single skull claw for replacement, comes with a small screwdriver.

Note: the option "replaceable claw (remark color)" only works when buy the bag in this link together, or will not be delivered. Thanks.

Size: 28cm*19cm*9cm.

Bag Opening: zipper.

Specification: bag*1, shoulder strap*1, skull claw*1; other accessories are not included.

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